Middleham Trainers



The art of training thoroughbreds has survived for more than two centuries at Middleham, thanks mainly to the excellent facilities that have been developed on the local moorland that surround the town.

Ancient documents reveal that Isaac Cape is to have been one of the first professional trainers  to set up in the Middleham area in 1765 at Tupgill Stables, now being home to horses trained by James Bethell.

Middleham has established itself as one of the best training centers in the country, having had over 400 winners each year for the past 38 years, Middleham Trainers produce an average of almost a winner every single day of the year. With its extensive Grass, All weather gallops and Therapy Centre, and is one of the most picturesque towns in the North of England with panoramic views of the Dales. 

Hence the abundance of good quality pubs, restaurants and hotels which all add up to a most enjoyable place to spend a weekend. Middleham also has 10 racecourses within an hours reach.