Middleham Trainers

James Bethell


James Bethell started training horses at Whatcombe in 1975. After moves to Whitsbury in Hampshire and Chilton in Oxfordshire, he settled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in Middleham 14 years ago. He now trains at Thorngill Stables at Coverham, which used to belong to Don Enrico Incisa, the colourful Italian trainer who sadly died two years ago. James commented: “The move to Thorngill opens a new chapter for us. We have 15 new boxes, which together with 26 acres of south-facing paddocks, will provide a wonderful platform. We are aiming to keep the yard to manageable proportions, with between 35-40 horses, so that we can give them individual attention. Since the move to Thorngill, each year seems to get better and better.

James Bethell Flat Trainer
Thorngill, Coverham
North Yorkshire DL8 4TJ
Telephone: 01969 640360
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