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My name is Sean Regan and I run a small yard in North Yorkshire and specialise in training horses with ulcers and hind gut problems, we have had success in getting horses who suffer from these conditions back to form.

A little about me
I rode in Ireland in the as an amateur jockey and took on a yard in Norfolk in 2004 building up a successful pre-training business. I won the Fakenham Charity Race twice during this time.
I took out my licence in 2007; my first runner, Blinded By The Light won a bumper at Towchester 25-1 into 3-1 a huge gamble and I didn even have a bet!

I moved to Middleham in North Yorkshire in 2012 for better facilities and have trained winners under both codes since the move. I am now making a drive to encourage new owners and offering our training services.

Although the yard may be small, we can surround ourselves with top experts in the fields of physio, veterinary and farriership our physio is also in charge of the British Olympic Equestrian Team.
We are confident that we can cope with all ailments and problems that may present themselves during a horses preparation and racing campaign.

My biggest success is the treatment, without medication, of equine ulcers and digestive problems having brought horses back to health and form that have previously suffered from this condition without the use of veterinary treatment and expensive supplements. We do this by way of balanced feeding using certain herbs, fibres and oils to deliver energy through the stomach and gut to the bloodstream.

If you feel that we can be of some assistance to you, maybe with a horse that seems to have lost form or is below par, but has shown good form previously, please contact me using the contact details above so that we can discuss.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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